OTP is not sent 30.10.2023 the whole day,

  • Hello

    There have been problems with receiving OTP. But today unfortunetly I have not got the OTP the whole day. I started trying at 6 am and until now I have not got log in.

    I wrote to support from collegue account about problem and got answer.

    "Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

    We are experiencing a technical issue which can prevent you from receiving OTPs.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are diligently working to resolve it.

    We appreciate your patience."

    But this is all what we could do because it was last time I could log in from collegue's account. Then loging was also impossible for the same reason

    Have you also suffered today 30.10. 2023 like this? ???????

    I have no tool to comunicate with Amazon at all and we can not finish orders from today and continue

    For us it is first time we have this problem for this scale.



  • Thanks for your interest in this problem.

    None of soultion was possible. As I wrote we have already 2 accounts blocked without possibility to get OTP.

    I found another solution that takes 1-2 days probably. This is Two-Step Verification Account Recovery

    I sent my ID and wait that they let me log in without OTP. I read about this way on anohter forum.

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