VENDOR Returns - SELLER Removals: Process and VAT declaration

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    I'm opening this thread regarding Returns because in my case, I work with Vendor and also Seller with the same warehouse location.

    When we receive Returns from Vendor or "Returns" from Seller FBA (Removals), is impossible to split because they do not have any information inside the box indicating Return ID, Country, SKU.

    The only information Amazon provides is in the label of the box which can be removed, broken, wet or illegible with the transport. So, we have to track the information of the box (tracking number) with the information that SELLER provides (which every return can be shipped from Amazon as dozens of packages), and do the same for VENDOR. Just looking at the label info in order to know something about the shipment.

    In addition, as you know, in VENDOR, we sell and invoiced to Amazon according to VAT, but in Seller is just a stock adjustment because the ownership of the goods is ours but this adjustment has to be declared to VAT authorities too.

    So, if they mixed (as my problem is) is impossible for the Warehouse to proceed with the returns because they are blind in front of this situation and Finance cannot create the Credit Notes regarding VAT.

    If anyone who works with SELLER and VENDOR can share their experience regarding this topic and how is the process created, will be very appreciated.




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