• Hello,

    Im a developer and I want to add new product to amazon by sending a xml file with new products to SFTP protocol.
    My account is vendor type, and when i send a file i have an error:









    <processing_summary processed="0">

    <message severity="ERROR">

    <description>The feed does not contain any product data. Please provide product data and resubmit the feed.</description>





    When I asked a support what should I do they said me to create developer profile where I have to give a credit card number.
    I have no idea why, im a vendor client, why I have to give them a credit card number?
    Could I get past this? A vendor client can put a products by an api?

  • Hello!

    I work with EDI instead of API, and I did not need any Credit Card, perhaps because no Developer Account is needed. You only need your bank info since you are logged in to Vendor Central.

    But regarding API, if the system indicates you need it to continue, then you will need that. Try to find more info and insist on Support even if it is annoying.

    Hope it helps.



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